Japanese expedition!

Japanese expedition!

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10 February 2024.

Japan is home to amazing ancient treasures. 

Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Nagoya, Fuji /Shizuoka, Nagano. 

Breathtaking scenery, ancient Japanese culture and fantastic experiences await you on this trip.

Tokyo is one of the most advanced cities in the world, and Kyoto is a guardian of ancient Japanese culture and traditions, Japan is a land of outstanding beauty with shrines of outstanding beauty and great opportunities for exploring the Asian culture

Japan boasts a unique culture and we're passionate about it, ancient temples, bamboo busters, Buddhist sanctuaries, genius gastronomy.

In spring, the cherry trees in the cities are in full bloom, In Tokyo, the Imperial Palace is the heart and soul of the city, while Kyoto's shrines are infused with spirituality and so daily yoga classes are definitely on the agenda.

Explore Japan, Asia's most unique country. 


This camp offers real expeditions for those who want to explore!

Camp difficulty level: 10/6.


We arrive in the morning in Tokyo, the capital of Japan.
We will book our accommodation and spend the afternoon in the city. Dinner will be at an authentic restaurant. 

After breakfast, we head to Tokyo's Imperial Palace, exploring and admiring the cherry blossom trees. In the afternoon, we will explore parks full of shrines and Gotokuji, the Cat Temple. In the evening, we will again enjoy gastronomy in an authentic Japanese restaurant. 

After breakfast, we explore Shibuya and Shinjuku.

After breakfast, we spend the day in the Asakusa district. 

Explore Sensoji Temple and make your fortune at the temple. 

Lunch on the streets of Kaminari Issa. Then we return to Tokio. 

After breakfast we head to the train station, as the train journey to Kyoto takes 2.5 hours. We will check into our accommodation and after lunch we will explore Nijo Samurai Castle. We will have dinner at the night market. 

Daitoku-ji, and Nanzen-ji the Silver Temple are home to some of the most beautiful Zen gardens in the country, so after breakfast we head there. In the evening we visit the Gion district for an authentic tea house, followed by a night of classical Japanese music and dance.

After breakfast we head to West Kyoto , where Arashiyama district is located, famous for its beautiful bamboo forests and beautiful temples. After dinner, we pack up at our accommodation as we will fly to Okinawa the next day. 

We wake up in the early morning and head towards Nara, enjoying the national parks with free deer and elk roaming around, then admire the Todai-ji temple. 
Let's try the famous Mochi, as it's the best made here.

After breakfast, we explore Nagoya. Nagoya Castle and Noritake Garden are fantastic sights, then we spend the afternoon on Osu Shopping Street.

We will spend the next two days at the foot of Mount Fuji, where we will enjoy the natural beauty.

Exploring the tea leaf areas of Shizuoka, 

We visit Jigokudani Monkey Park, where wild snow monkeys bathe in the hot thermal waters. After lunch, we return to Tōkiō. 

After lunch, we head to the airport for our flight home to Hungary.

Programmes can be customised.

If you don't want to participate in one of the programmes, let us know and ask for an individual offer.

Single room surcharge available!

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