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The Dharmaral community

Dharmaral is a community of like-minded people who share a passion for travel and active living.

Our community gathers for these trips and events to connect through different activities,

including surfing, running, hiking, yoga and more.

Join us, connect with an open and accepting community with a passion for active travel.

Make new friends, get connected!

It creates gratitude in us to share experiences during our journeys, which we can do in a community.

Whether you arrive alone or with a group, you're sure to make new friends who are open-minded and have similar interests to you. 

If you like challenges, want to be active, get away from it all, you can experience it all with us. 

We're always looking for real challenges, extreme adventures and we balance it all with yoga.

Special moments

If you like to pranayama, meditate and mantra on the ocean beach at sunrise.

Sipping your first cup of coffee on the camping stove in the mountains, waiting in the ocean at sunset and catching the perfect wave.

Singing around the campfire, getting lost in yourself on the long trails, canyoning down huge waterfalls.

Then you can experience it all in the Dharmaral community!

Our routes


Greek Retreat, Yoga Camp - Kea, Greece

7 - 14 September 2024.
Our Greece retreat was organised in a peaceful, quiet, breathtaking location in Kea.
Greek culture, nature, food, the full practice of yoga, our love of meditation and celebration of life made up this camp.


End of summer retreat, yoga camp - Mallorca, Spain

16 - 23 August 2024.
Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this place is sure to captivate you with its beauty and breathtaking views.
For hikers, cyclists and running enthusiasts, this camp is home for 1 week.
Take time out of your everyday life to enjoy yourself in stunning surroundings and great company.
Recharge with sunshine, nice people and yoga in an exceptional place.

Gran Canaria

Autumn break: Surf and Yacht Camp - Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas - Gran Canaria

5-12 September 2024.
The Canary Islands stand out from the other Spanish islands for their outstanding climate, spectacular culture, fantastic gastronomy, idyllic landscapes and water sports, especially surfing. That's why wave lovers will love the island's magnificent beaches
and, of course, the favourable tides from north to south will find waves favourable to them everywhere!


Summer Retreat in Copenhagen - Yoga and Running Camp

July 24-28, 2024 Copenhagen is not only the coolest Scandinavian capital, but also tops the list of the happiest cities.
A fascinating place with a dynamic that pulls you in.
A beautiful city, rich in cultural history and architecture.
And culinary delights are also a big focus of this camp.
The focus of the camp is based on a 5-day retreat for an active community of women.


Norway Expedition - Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger

5-14 July 2024.
Norway is on everyone's bucket list. 
It is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, with stunning natural wonders and history. 
Home to breathtaking fjords, magnificent waterfalls, glaciers, huge mountains, colourful houses and lovely people.


Surf and Yacht Camp - Hossergor, France

8 - 15 June 2024.
Surf and Yacht Camp - France
Start your summer in France!
Shoort - Hossergor is a small seaside town in southwest France where everything revolves around surfing!This week is all about a well-deserved holiday, yoga in our oceanfront villa and surfing.

Work & Surf

Work&Surf - Bali, Lombok, Indonesia

26 March - 25 April 2024.
Work for a month, from Bali, Lombok.
And experience everyday Indonesian life. When work is over, or if it hasn't even started yet, surf, do yoga, enjoy fantastic gastronomy, explore Indonesia.
On weekends we cruise between the Indonesian islands.
If you want to get away from it all, join us and join a fantastic community.


Japan expedition

2-15 March 2024.
We explore Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and more amazing Japanese cities in 2 weeks.
Breathtaking scenery and ancient Japanese culture await you on this trip.

Tokyo is one of the most advanced cities in the world, the most interesting country in Asia, and the guardian of ancient Japanese culture and traditions.


Our team

When I founded Dharmaral Adventure, I wanted to create a team based on a supportive community.
I've been very fortunate to meet many great people during my travels.
I am also surrounded by brilliant people in my everyday life, so I get to work with great professionals who are my friends.
There are philosophers, professional adventurers and event organisers among us, so good conversation and organisation will always be a given.
We work with professional athletes in surfing, canyoning and other extreme sports, such as Rodolfo, Wellsen, Rizky, Aries, Mathiew, Marta.
It is safe to say that the adoration for the animals is guaranteed.

Why choose us?

Stunning locations

We believe that the destination will find us.
He calls and we are on our way.
Camp sites are always close to us and we connect with them. Each place brings us a different feeling, each country captivates us for different reasons. What we have in common is the abundance, the grandeur. Seas, oceans, mountains, raw nature.
The feeling of arriving and knowing you have a job to do here is priceless.

We make the most of it!

Surfing and yoga are part of our everyday lives.
We would like to pass on the love of surfing and the yogic approach to life to those who travel with us.
Our camps are close to nature, where we always find challenges and exciting adventures. You'll always find something really extravagant in the programme.
Canyoning, Via Ferrata, power hikes, exciting trails.

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