About the Dharmaral

The idea to start Dharmaral Adventure came about during a quiet conversation after a Monday night yoga class.

We philosophised about what yoga, travel and new experiences can bring to us, as they have all played important roles in my life for a long time. For me, weekdays can't go by without yoga, months can't go by without travel, and travel without surfing.

My sense of adventure has always taken me to more special places than big cities. To islands by the ocean, mountains thousands of metres high, waterfalls in gorges, and I was always looking for more extreme activities.

That's how I fell in love with surfing or canyoning, via-ferrata, trails that last for days.

I've always met great people on my trips and I feel infinitely grateful that we can share my experiences and thoughts, whether it's an evening dinner on the ocean beach at sunset, a coffee on a camp stove in the mountains at sunrise, or a long trail after hours of silence.

These experiences made me want to share my travels with as many people as possible, because everyone needs a "here and now" experience.

Making the most of the moments will always be a priority during the camps.

Choosing a name was easy, as my dharma is definitely travel, yoga and surfing, experiencing new things in the here and now.

Maral means wind blowing from the ocean, which is ideal for surfing.

The wind, the law of change, the law of constant movement, could not be more characteristic.





Our team

Zotya is our team's number one tour leader. Dharmaral plays an important role in his life, as he is not only present during the camps, but also plays an important role in the organisation of the camps. She has been skiing and snowboarding since childhood. Water has always been present in his life as he has played water polo and swam professionally. And surfing came to him on a visceral level, as after his second surf lesson he switched to hard boarding and shortboarding. He is passionate about nature and spends most of his free time there. Instead of big cities, he loves mountains, oceans, seas and jungles. And instead of hotels, he's sure to pitch his tent in the most extreme places. Growing up in a big family, he has a deep sense of community. "... I feel very lucky to have explored several continents at such a young age, I don't have a single favourite place, I'm a fan of the mountains of the Tatras, the waves of Bali, the architecture of China, the gastronomy of Italy and the tranquillity of Scotland. 


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Hossergor, France - Surf and Yacht Camp - June 8 - 15, 2024

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