This information note, Dharmaral Adventure Ltd. operated by https://dharmaraladventure.com/ website (hereinafter referred to as: website) on the processing and protection of personal data. Dharmaral Adventure Ltd.  (hereinafter referred to as the "Data Controller") processes the personal data on this website in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL and the Act on Freedom of Information and Informational Self-Determination of 2011.

The Data Controller reserves the right to modify this information at any time in order to ensure that the processing of personal data complies with the legal obligations in force. The various documents and materials on the website are protected by copyright and may be used for personal, non-commercial purposes only, and their unauthorised use may infringe copyright or trademark legislation.

The Data Controller shall not be liable for any inaccuracies or omissions on the website.


  • Act CXII of 2011 on the Right to Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information (hereinafter: Info Act)
  • Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Regulation (EC) No 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation; hereinafter "GDPR")


The present definitions are identical to the interpretative definitions set out in the Infotv. and the GDPR, in particular:

  • Data subject:any natural person who is identified or can be identified, directly or indirectly, on the basis of personal data;
  • Personal data: data which can be associated with the data subject, in particular the name, the identification mark and one or more factors specific to his or her physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity, and the inference which can be drawn from the data concerning the data subject;
  • Consent: a voluntary and explicit expression of the data subject's wishes, based on appropriate information, by which he or she gives his or her unambiguous consent to the processing of personal data concerning him or her, either in full or in relation to specific operations;
  • Objection:a statement by the data subject objecting to the processing of his or her personal data and requesting the cessation of the processing or the deletion of the processed data;
  • Data controller: the natural or legal person or unincorporated body which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes for which the data are to be processed, takes and implements decisions regarding the processing (including the means used) or has the data processed by a processor;
  • Data management:any operation or set of operations which is performed upon the data, regardless of the procedure used, in particular any collection, recording, recording, organisation, storage, alteration, use, retrieval, disclosure, transmission, alignment or combination, blocking, erasure or destruction of data, prevention of their further use, taking of photographs, sound recordings or images and physical features which can be used to identify a person (e.g. fingerprints, palm prints, DNA samples, iris scans);
  • Transfer of data:making data available to a specified third party;
  • - Disclosure: making the data available to anyone;
  • Data erasure: the rendering of data unrecognisable in such a way that it is no longer possible to recover it;
  • Data blocking:the marking of data with an identification mark to limit its further processing permanently or for a limited period of time;
  • Data marking: the marking of data with an identification mark to distinguish it;
  • Data destruction: the complete physical destruction of the medium containing the data;
  • Data processing:the performance of technical tasks related to data processing operations, irrespective of the method and means used to perform the operations and the place of application, provided that the technical task is performed on the data;
  • Data processor: a natural or legal person or unincorporated body that processes data on the basis of a contract, including a contract concluded pursuant to a legal provision;
  • Data set: the set of data managed in a single register;
  • Third party: a natural or legal person or unincorporated body other than the data subject, the controller or the processor;
  • EEA State: a Member State of the European Union and another State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, and a State whose nationals enjoy the same status as nationals of a State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area under an international treaty between the European Union and its Member States and a State not party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area;
  • Third country:any state that is not an EEA state;
  • Data breach: unlawful processing or handling of personal data, in particular unauthorised access, alteration, disclosure, transmission, disclosure, erasure or destruction, accidental destruction or accidental damage.
  • Restriction of processing: marking of stored personal data for the purpose of restricting their processing in the future;
  • Third party:a natural or legal person, public authority, agency or any other body other than the data subject, the controller, the processor or the persons who, under the direct authority of the controller or processor, are authorised to process personal data;

If the definitions in the applicable data protection legislation (at the time of writing, the Infotv, GDPR) differ from the definitions in this notice, the definitions in the legislation and the Regulation shall prevail.

The Data Controller shall implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of data security appropriate to the scale of the risk, taking into account the state of science and technology and the cost of implementation, the nature, scope, context and purposes of the processing and the varying degrees of probability and severity of the risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons.

The following information is provided in order to comply with our duty to inform:

Data of the Data Controller:

https://dharmaraladventure.com/ website operator Dharmaral Adventure Ltd.

Name of the controller: Dharmaral Adventure Ltd.

Registered office: EN 1183. Budapest, Bogdáni út 24/A

Tax number: 32218725-2-41

Contact us, request a quote (send a message from the website):

You can send us messages through the website and indicate your intention to book our trips, which we will not pass on to third parties in any form. Please provide your name and e-mail address so that we can reply to your enquiry.

Purpose of data processing: contacting, application

Legal basis for processing: consent of the data subject

Duration of storage of the data concerned: 30 days

Data subject to consent: name, e-mail address, telephone number

How to apply:

On the website, you can order, make a request for the trip of your choice.

Purpose of data processing: ordering of selected trips, contacting

Legal basis for processing: consent of the data subject

Duration of storage of the data concerned: the same period as the storage of the invoice and the application forms

Data subject to consent: name, e-mail address, telephone number


In the case of a purchase, we will issue an invoice for the virtual product(s) purchased, i.e. trips, in accordance with Act CXXVII of 2007, after agreement.

Purpose of processing: issuing an invoice in case of agreement

Legal basis for processing: issuing the invoice Legal obligation Act CXXVII of 2007

Duration of storage of the data concerned: for the period specified in the applicable law in force

Data subject of the consent: name, address, tax number

Data transmission:

K-boss kft.

1031 Budapest, Záhony utca 7.


Cookies used on this website:

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Please be informed that as a natural person, you have the following rights as a data subject under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) in relation to the processing of your personal data:

  • the right to information under Articles 13 and 14 of the EU GDPR
  • the right of access under Article 15 of the EU GDPR
  • the right to rectification under Article 16 of the EU GDPR
  • the right to erasure under Article 17 of the EU GDPR
  • the right to restriction of processing under Article 18 of the EU GDPR
  • the right to data portability under Article 20 of the EU GDPR

You have the right to lodge a complaint using one of the following contact details:

National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Location: 1125 Budapest Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c

Postal address:1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5.

Phone number: +36 (1) 391-1400

Central e-mail address: ugyfelszolgalat@naih.hu

If you have any requests or questions about data processing, you can send them electronically to hello@dharmaraladventure.hu. Our replies will be sent to the address you specify without delay and within 25 days at the latest.

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