Yoga and Retreat

End of summer retreat, yoga camp - Mallorca

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7 nights
Absence from work: 4 days.


Yoga camp, retreat. Cycling, running.

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16 July 2024.

Want to spend some time on one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean?

We will close the summer in idyllic surroundings in Mallorca from 16-23 August.

Located 35 km from Palma, in the north-west of the island, Deia is a picturesque village nestled between the sea and the mountains. Deié's atmosphere is created by the artists who live there, like finding yourself in a painting.

Our accommodation will be in an old villa perched on a hillside in a beautiful olive grove estate.

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this place is sure to captivate you with its beauty and breathtaking views.

For hikers, cyclists and running enthusiasts, this camp is home for 1 week.

Take time out of your everyday life to enjoy yourself in stunning surroundings and great company.

Recharge with sunshine, nice people and yoga in an exceptional place.



The focus of our camp is on active recreation. 

We are in no hurry to enjoy the sea, yoga, cycling for 1 week in a beautiful setting.

In the evening we arrive in Mallorca, in the town of Deiá.
We will book our accommodation and get to know each other over dinner.


We start the morning with yoga and breathing exercises.

After brunch we explore the area together by bike. 

In the evening we meditate and after dinner we play self-awareness games.

Before breakfast, we do yoga, then go cycling again, taking our swimsuits and swimming in natural pools. We will have lunch at the farmers market and return to our accommodation before dinner.

After a morning yoga class to start the day, we cycle to the town of Deia. We explore the town's galleries, have lunch, spend the afternoon on the beach, before dinner we go for a run with the stamina-boosters in the sunset.

Early risers start their mornings with a morning run, then after brunch we spend the whole day relaxing and practising yoga on the estate and nearby beaches.

Dinner will be cooked together in a cooking class, followed by a meditation session to end the day. 

We will start the last morning with meditation, then yoga and after brunch we will pack up, after a farewell lunch we will head back home to Hungary in the afternoon. 

Programmes can be customised.

If you don't want to participate in one of the programmes, let us know and ask for an individual offer.

Single room surcharge available!

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