Autumn Retreat - Sintra
Yoga and Wine Camp

399.900 Ft

1057 €

/ Main


7 nights
Absence from work: 3 days.


Yoga Camp, Beer Camp.

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Active- 12 persons
Available places: 6 persons

Application deadline:

10 September 2024.

Sintra is a unique and magical place. A picturesque town in Portugal.

The beautiful nature, the green of the mountains and the blue of the sea come together and enchant visitors.

Sintra has a thriving art scene and is home to many beautiful castles and museums. 

Its natural beauty flows from the mountains to the sea. The golden sands, the clarity of the Atlantic waters and the rugged cliffs of the coastline make our beaches a truly enjoyable place to be at any time of year. 

And Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point on the European continent, is where the land ends and the sea begins. 

And it is the gastronomy that makes picturesque Sintra the most special.

And in autumn, we spend a week harmonising body and soul in nature with hikes, yoga and surfing in the Dharmaral community. 


The focus of our camp is on active recreation. 

We take our time and enjoy the city, yoga, surfing and hiking for 1 week in a beautiful environment.

Programmes can be customised.

If you don't want to participate in one of the programmes, let us know and ask for an individual offer.

Single room surcharge available!

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