New Year's Eve Retreat -
Yoga and wine camp, Madeira

Madeira Surf and Yacht Camp

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7 nights


Yoga and beer camp

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Active - max 12 people
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Accommodation, Surf, Yoga

Say goodbye to the year and hello to the new, on Portugal's most beautiful island, Madeira.
The saying goes that what we do on the first day of the year, we will do all year round.

We're setting this up in the last days of the year and for 1 week we'll be doing yoga and surfing and hiking to beautiful places.

Located off the coast of Europe and Africa, this island, known for its stunning waterfalls, hiking trails and scenery, offers excellent surfing opportunities for beginners, advanced surfers and pros alike.
And the incredibly green environment gives us the greatest balance to practice yoga in the greatest harmony. Our accommodation is a private villa in Porta de Cruz.
With 6 bedrooms, a spacious common living room, a well-equipped kitchen, covered terraces and sun loungers.Our surf school with professional instructors is waiting for you. 

Close this wonderful year with us and open the new one in the Dharmaral community.

The camp requires a high level of activity!

In addition to yoga and surfing classes, we take part in daily hikes of several kilometres. 
The level of difficulty of the camp is 10/8.

1 day. Arrival in Madeira (12.28)

In the afternoon, we arrive in Madeira, where after a short transfer we settle into our accommodation and have dinner together.

Day 2 - The first waves - Botanical Garden (12.29)

We will have breakfast together and in the morning we will leave for our surf school. 

Rodolfo will be waiting for us with his team and after a theoretical training we will take the first waves.

In the afternoon, we will admire Madeira Botanical Gardens and Tropical Garden, have lunch and return to our accommodation, where we will wind down the day with yoga.

Day 3 St. Lawrence Peninsula (12.30)

After breakfast, we set off to admire the peninsula of St. Lawrence, the 8-kilometre hike will take us a few hours and the beauty of St. Lawrence will stay in our memories for a long time!

In the afternoon we stretch with yoga.

Day 4 - National Park trail (Santana- Sao Jorge) - New Year's Eve Party (12.31)

We start the day with sun salutations and breathing exercises.

After breakfast we head to our surf school for the last surf lesson of the year visiting Madeira's most beautiful National Park, an easy trail with lots of waterfalls over a 10km distance. In the evening we have a New Year's Eve party.

Day 5 - Pico do Arie - Pico Ruivo Sunrise hike (01.01)

We start the year in the mountains. We get up at dawn to watch the first sunrise of the year above the clouds on the mountain tops.

The hike is 5 hours, 10km.

In the afternoon we relax on the beach and end the day with meditation at home.


Day 6 - Last waves, giant waterfalls (01.02)

After breakfast we go surfing. After lunch, we will admire our first waterfall, which flows onto the highway, and then hike up the mountains to a magnificent waterfall on 25 Fontes Falls, a 6 km long hike with a 450m elevation gain. 

Day 7 - Yoga and Reset (01.03.)

On the last active day, we will have breakfast after yoga and then explore the surroundings. We will have a beach and then a farewell party. 

Day 8 - Departure from the island of eternal spring (01.04.)

We start the day with breathing exercises and Hatha yoga before breakfast. 

We're in no hurry, as our flight back to Budapest doesn't leave until late afternoon. So we explore Funchal before heading home.

You can change and add to the programme and the destinations included in it at any time. Our tour guides will decide on the programmes taking into account weather and safety and comfort aspects. 

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Our accommodation will be a private villa in Porta de Cruz.
With 6 bedrooms, spacious common living room, well-equipped kitchen, covered terraces and sun loungers.
Our surf school is waiting for you with professional instructors, where you can receive surf lessons. Theory and practice.

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Hossergor, France - Surf and Yacht Camp - June 8 - 15, 2024

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