Work and Wine Camp

WORK&SURF Bali-Hills, Indonesia
26 March - 25 April 2024.

799.000 forint

2128 €

/ Main


30 nights


Work and Wine Camp

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Application deadline:

15 February 2024.

You work in a home office
Are you a digital nomad? 
Can you get away from it all?
Or just travelling around Southeast Asia?

Then you can do it now as part of a fantastic community with Dharmaral Adventur.

When work is over, or hasn't even started yet, we surf, do yoga, enjoy fantastic gastronomy and explore Indonesia. 
On weekends we cruise between the Indonesian islands.

In March, we will return to Indonesia to experience Indonesian everyday life for 1 month.

Join us and be part of an amazing journey! 

Work&Surf from Indonesia for a month!



It's a work and surf camp where almost everyone works during the day.

During the 1 month there will always be the possibility to join daytrips.

We will take into account everyone's working hours in the group and will try to organise trips accordingly.

Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, Kuta. Sidemen, Jatiluwih, Seminyak and other amazing locations.

In 1 month

- 5 days in Lombok.
(Our own private villa, from where we will have the opportunity to work)

 - 2 days in Gilin (weekend)

- 2 days in Ubud (weekend)

- We sleep 2 days Jatiluwih (weekend).

The programmes and duration can be individually adapted. If you only want to come for a shorter period of time and not surf, please ask for an individual offer.

If you're not working but just travelling as part of a community, you can also join.


You've probably heard of one of Indonesia's most beautiful islands, known as the Island of the Gods, Bali.

Bali is a real surfer's paradise, the locals surf with art and just watching them from the sandy beach is a great experience, because it's like watching a dance with the most sophisticated moves.
The waves are suitable for everyone, from beginners to professional surfers, everyone will find the best waves.
The proximity of Australia means that many professional surfers visit Bali and enjoy the waves. The water is 28 degrees, so you can leave your neoprene suit at home.
Immersion in yoga is made unforgettable by the silence of raw nature, melodious and sing-song-like, the chirping of geckos, frogs, birds and hooting of owls. The Indonesian gastronomy is fantastic, the music is serene and uplifting, which is a soundtrack to every street corner. And sunsets cover the sky in every shade of yellow.


No poorer in natural beauty than Bali, but quieter. White sandy, unspoilt beaches characterise its beaches. The pleasantly warm azure sea is ideal for swimming and water sports.
Surfing is a very special experience here.
From beginner surfers to the most experienced surfers, there is a wave for everyone.
The palm trees, lush vegetation and local wildlife take you to a truly exotic place.