Surfing is for everyone!
It is not bound by age or gender.
Surfing is a spiritual journey that helps you to understand the magnitude of nature and to recognise your role in it. Taking your board out on the water clears your mind and helps you to banish your worries.
Being in nature is a healing experience, and never truer than when you're out on the ocean with your board and feel the waves vibrating. That's why you can fall in love with it instantly.
Surfing culture is now on the rise. There are many great surf schools and surf camps to try it out. 
And I would write it down on a prescription!
And most importantly, it's never too late to start!
Dharmaral's focus is to make sure that everyone can learn to surf safely, so we work with professional surf schools! Many people think that our camps are only for professional surfers, but everyone from beginners to advanced, experienced surfers attend.
In the camps, before each practice, everyone is told to respect their boundaries and practice according to their own daily feelings. 
Of course, we can help guide you in this. 
This way we can make it safe and fun for everyone, especially for beginners, and dynamic learning for advanced learners. 

And if you want to try what it's like to grab a board and join nature, visit our website for details, as we're visiting some fantastic surf spots in 2024!

Opening of the year Surf and Yacht Camp 
🗓️ 20-27 January 2024. 

📍Mexico, Oxaca 
Surf and Yacht Camp, Mexico 🇲🇽
🗓️ 2024. 02.05 - 02.15. 

📍Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa
Japan Expedition and Beer Camp
🗓️ 2-15 March 2024. 

📍Bali, Indonesia
Work&Surf Camp 
🗓️ 26 March 2024 - 25 April 2024.

📍Shoort-Hossergor, France 
Surf and Yacht Camp - France
🗓️ 9-15 June 2024. 

2024. szeptember 5-12.

Last 2 places available