There's only one way to surf: if nothing distracts you from surfing! What's a good way to practice? Yoga! It's no coincidence that yoga is the second love in surfers' lives!

Yoga develops:

- mobility. For surfing - jumping on the board, turns - it's good to have a lot of freedom of movement. It helps you balance and move around the board more efficiently. With yoga, you're practicing strength-enhanced stretches, just what you need.

Strength in the legs and deeper muscles. You need this for more than just jumping up and turning, as you're standing low all the time, pushing with your legs in one direction or another. Standing poses are good for developing the muscles you need to do this. Long endurances develop stamina.

- Balance. Balance requires good body awareness, body awareness, flexible feet and ankles, calm breathing and a focused mind. And that's what yoga is all about 🙂

- Concentration skills. Yoga helps the mind break free from the trap of compulsive thinking. This comes in handy for surfing, where you need alertness and an open mind to adapt to the ever-changing waves and feel the energy you're riding on.

- Flexibility: surfing involves sudden changes of direction and fast movements. This is most harmoniously developed by flow classes, which actively use the stored elastic energy of the movement chains.

2024. szeptember 5-12.

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